Who You Know Is What You Know

People are terrible at understanding what it is they’re good at and what it is they’re bad at.

If you ask people what they should do with their life, people will rarely ever have an answer.

And when it comes to making specific career decisions, people are always uncertain about which path they should take.

I’m a big advocate for reading books, but reading a book on how to better understand yourself and how to better navigate your life will rarely ever help you figure out what you should do.

Most books that try to help with this will just tell you that you should ask 5 people what they think.

This is because often times, other people are better at understanding ourselves and what we should do than we are.

In the book “The Start-Up of You,” Reid Hoffman, who is a co-founder of LinkedIn, says,

“There’s plenty of good information to be found in books and magazines and search engines. Yet your network is frequently a better – and sometimes the only – fount of pivotal intelligence. A book can’t tell you what skills you need to excel in a certain market niche. A magazine can’t help you weigh the risks of moving halfway around the world for a job. A search engine can’t introduce you to the networks that dish breakout opportunities. But, your network can.”

Having good intelligence on how to do things is very important, but when it comes to navigating your life and figuring out how to work towards your goals, it’s the people you know that matter the most.


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