Your One Thing

What’s the one thing you do better than anything else you do?

In the book “StrengthsFinder 2.0,” Tom Rath says that every single person does something better than the next ten thousand people.

If that’s true, then what’s yours?

You may be able to say what your one thing is instantly without any hesitation. If you already know what your one thing is, then I hope you’ve already decided to pursue and develop it.

If not, then I encourage you to figure out what your one thing is because until you identify and develop your one thing, you may find that true happiness and success will always be a little too far out of reach.


3 thoughts on “Your One Thing

  1. I think my best trait or quality is being able to be grateful no matter what happens in my life or the lives of those I love and respect.


  2. I’ve been asked a similar question in interviews – What would you describe is your best quality?

    I’ve often wondered how would someone answer such a question without sounding too arrogant or boastful..?


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