Find Your 100 Books

When I first started this online book club, my goal was never to get more people to read more books. Quantity was never the goal here. What has been the goal, however, is quality.

If you’ve been a part of this book club for awhile now, then you know that this blog is about the best ideas from the books I read. These are ideas that have positively changed my life. These are ideas that I want to see spread.

But unfortunately, when you read books just to say you have read them, you miss out on all the great ideas that are in them.

It’s important that you stop looking at books as something you only read once. Instead, what you have to do is read them over and over again so that the ideas and information in those books get retained in your brain.

I have 100 different books that I’ve read that I choose to re-read constantly and that I recommend to people. It’s been these 100 books and the information inside them that have laid the foundation for my life when it comes to achieving health, love, wealth, and everything in between.

Reading is one of the greatest habits you can build in your life, but don’t go into this process thinking you’ll read a book, move on, and never read it again.

Think of these books as your trusted advisors that you keep coming back to over and over again in order to seek advice from and to continuously learn in the process.


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